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What is Therapeutic Foster Care?

Therapeutic foster care is a form of foster care that provides support for emotional, behavioral, or mental health needs. Learn more in our blog.

Foster care provides children with a family environment filled with the love and care they need to thrive.

However, not every child has the same life. Every case is different, and that’s why there are many different types of foster care.

For children who have had trauma in their lives, therapeutic foster care may help.

Let’s talk about what therapeutic foster care is, how it can help children, and how Sevita can help. 

What is Therapeutic Foster Care

Therapeutic foster care, also known as TFC, is a special form of foster care that provides a temporary home and support for children with emotional, behavioral, or mental health needs. These children have often experienced trauma or other hardships that have led to them needing a little extra care.

TFC aims to provide a safe, nurturing, and healing environment for children. This is done using therapy, medication management, educational support, and other help a child may need to get better.

What are the Benefits of Therapeutic Foster Care?

Therapeutic foster care helps children who have lived through trauma in many ways. This help includes:

  • A safe and nurturing space - TFC provides children with a safe living space where they can begin to heal and recover. 
  • Individual and family therapy - TFC provides children with access to individual and family therapy, which deals with the feelings and behaviors that may develop from traumatic experiences. 
  • Medication management and educational support - TFC provides children with medication management and support for their learning. 
  • Preparation for permanent living arrangements - One of the goals of TFC is to help children prepare for a permanent living arrangement. This includes working with the child's family to reunify them, if possible. Or, if reunification is not possible, finding an adoptive family. TFC gives children in care the opportunity to have a stable and permanent family and home.
  • Support for children to achieve their full potential - TFC helps children overcome their challenges and reach their full potential. Through therapy, medication management, educational support, and other services, children in TFC receive the support they need to heal, grow, and thrive.

How Does Therapeutic Foster Care Work?

Therapeutic foster care is a combined effort between the child's family, foster parents, and a team of professionals. The exact process will depend on your state and the organizations involved, but here is an overview of how it could work:

  • Referral and assessment - Children are typically referred to TFC by child welfare agencies or other organizations, such as schools or hospitals. An assessment process determines whether or not TFC is right for them and identifies their needs. This process typically includes interviews with the child, their family, and other professionals to gather relevant information.
  • Placement and matching - Once a child is determined to be right for TFC, they are placed with a foster family that understands and manages the unique needs of children in TFC. The TFC team works with the foster family to match the child with the most appropriate family based on their needs.
  • Services and support - Children in TFC receive various services and support tailored to help them get better. These services may include individual and family therapy, medication management, educational support, and other services. 
  • Reunification or adoption planning - The TFC team works closely with the child's family and the foster family to ensure that the child is reunited with their family or placed in a permanent home environment as soon as possible.
  • Monitoring and evaluation - The TFC team closely monitors the progress of every child in TFC, identifies any challenges, and adjusts their treatment plan as needed.

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