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From Meralyn: A Letter to the Child in my Care

Read letters from foster parents as they navigate their journey to become foster parents with Mentor Foster Care.

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Our hopes for the children in our care.

Meralyn and Robert Zigler, from our Ohio program shares their hopes for the child in their care below.

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Dear Child,

Our family are glad that you came to our home. We know you did not choose us, but the important thing is we took you whole heartedly. I hope you will have the best time in our home. Learning to swim is the first thing I would like for you to have after you said you did not know how to swim, with that you are in your second session. You told me about you wanted to learn to play guitar I am looking for a guitar that fit your size and hopefully you will do that soon too!

"We know you did not choose us, but the important thing is we took you whole heartedly"

I hope you will have the best time in your cooking lessons with Mariah and Robert. YMCA is the best place for the youth night where you got to have fun and meet new people. My husband and I sent you to your 1st winter camp which you don't want to go at first but when it was over you don't want to come home. I would like also for you to experience a vacation with us. We are lucky that you got to spend a week in Destin Florida last New Years week. We have a family vacation again this spring break to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina another one of the memories that I hope you will remember some day. This coming Monday you will start your after school program at school, hopefully it will help you with your social skills and homework. I want you to grow that is so full of experience and you get the best of help you need. We love you. 
Study hard, Pray harder!


Meralyn & family

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