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How to Become a Host Home Care Provider

For those who want to become host home care providers, the process may be unclear. Learn how to become a host home care provider in our blog.

Host home providers are everyday heroes — their love and care can change the lives of adults with disabilities worldwide.

However, those who are looking to become providers may have one important question they need to know:

How does someone become a host home care provider?

Below, we’ll cover how families and individuals can become host home care providers — but first, let’s dive into what a host home provider is. 

What is a Host Home?

Host home providers are people who have opened up their homes to an adult with disabilities. They provide love, care, and support to help adults thrive and live a fulfilling life. In short—host home providers are the backbone of any host home care program.

How Can I Become a Host Home Provider?

While it’s true that most people with a desire to help can become a host home care provider, there are some requirements that need to be met. These requirements ensure that adults living with disabilities have their needs met and that there’s a good match between the individual and the host home family. 

These requirements change depending on the state you live in—however, the basic guidelines are mostly the same.

Here’s what you can expect in most places:

  • Age - states have varying age requirements to provide host home care
  • Must have an extra bedroom within your home
  • Must have a valid driver's license along with access to a vehicle
  • Must be free of any health conditions that could be passed onto the adult in care and cause harm
  • Must have sufficient income before any supplementary income provided by the state
  • Must pass a background check

Getting the process started will also vary depending on your state and the organization you partner with. After you meet the base requirements, you’ll need to fill out an application. You’ll also likely be required to submit to a criminal background check and have your home inspected to ensure that it’s a good fit as a host home. 

Some states may also require you to complete skill development or preservice sessions before starting as a host home provider. 

Once requirements have been met, groups like Sevita can match you with an adult that will live with you. Different groups have different ways of matching people, but this helps everyone start with a good fit between the individual and the host home family. 

Getting Started as a Host Home Provider With Sevita

So, how does Sevita make becoming a host easier for you?

Instead of forcing families to figure out state regulations and find the answers on their own, Sevita’s application process takes care of the heavy lifting for you. We’ve made it as easy as possible for families to make a difference with host home care — it all starts with filling out our application.

Sevita does much more than guide you through the initial process, too. We provide ongoing help to the families we work with, whether to help answer any questions or additional support for case management. Sevita is with you every step of the way to help you provide a loving and caring environment for adults with disabilities. 

Our processes also include matching adults with disabilities with the right host home family. This in-depth matching process is meant to find the right fit and promotes meaningful and lasting relationships. 

Looking For More Information About How to Become a Host Home Care Provider?

Everyone needs the love and support of a positive family environment. Sevita’s host home services help families provide care for the individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. By working with Sevita, you can give someone a life filled with support and a sense of belonging. 

Help change lives with Sevita — learn more about how to become a host home care provider today.

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