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How Does Sevita Support Host Home Providers?

Sevita can help guide you with support for your host home care journey. Learn more in our blog.

Becoming a host home provider is a big step forward.

However, it’s also a rewarding experience. You’ll be helping to make a positive impact on the life of an adult in need!

We understand the decision to become a host home provider isn't something to take lightly. However, with the right resources, you’ll become an amazing host home provider. 

Sevita is one of those resources — we ensure that you’re never left to face host home care challenges alone.

Here’s how Sevita helps host home providers along the way. 

Guiding Host Home Providers Through Getting Started

Sevita’s support system for our host home providers starts with helping them learn how to become a host home provider. The process involves different rules and regulations depending on the state, such as a minimum age requirement. 

Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for those who want to become host home providers by helping as a guide during your journey.

All you have to do with Sevita is fill out our form — we’ll handle the rest. Our team of experts will guide you through the process and answer any questions. 

The process typically takes 8-12 weeks, depending on the state. But don’t worry — our team is always by your side. 

Matching Host Home Providers With the Right Adults in Need

In host home care, it’s important for relationships to develop between an adult in care and the host home provider. This ensures the best possible situation with all the love, care, and support the adult needs. 

At Sevita, we’ve developed an in-depth process that’s meant to help find the right fit between the provider and an adult in need. Our process can help create meaningful and lasting relationships that are crucial for success in host home care. 

Respite For Host Home Providers When They Need a Break

Everyone needs a break from time to time — including host home providers. 

We understand that emergencies can pop up, or you may need some time away from home. In these situations, all you have to do is contact the Sevita team member assigned to your case. We’ll help with a solution so you can manage the unexpected.

In-Home Technology 

Host home providers can benefit from in-home technology to help build a safer space for an adult in care. This technology can also help adults in care regain independence, depending on their needs. 

Sevita is happy to provide in-home technology to our host home providers to help them provide the best possible care. 

For example, in-home technology allows lifelong best friends Derike and Adam to live independently with different devices in their home. They use lanyards with panic buttons that allow them to live worry-free and know that someone is always on the other end. The pair also has a full home security system to help them feel secure at all times. Other devices such as medicine dispensers help take the worry out of managing medication.

Ongoing Support When You Need It

Every host home case is different. We understand that every individual’s needs vary and that there isn’t a one size fits all approach to host home support. 

That’s why Sevita offers several different forms of ongoing support throughout your host home provider journey, including:

  • Skill development and education to help you provide the best possible care for an adult in need
  • A network of support staff, including program leaders, experienced coordinators, nurses, and therapists
  • Home visits to check on progress, offer advice, or help with any complex needs

You’re never on your own with Sevita’s host home care services. Every case is assigned a dedicated coordinator to help you. If you need anything, your dedicated coordinator is only a phone call or an email away. 

Make a Difference With Sevita’s Host Home Care Services

Adults living with disabilities or disorders need a caring family environment to thrive. As a host home provider, that’s exactly what you’ll give them. 

Host home providers change lives, and at Sevita, we’re proud to help these host home providers find their footing and provide much-needed care to adults in need. 

Discover more about how you can make a difference in the life of an adult in need today. 

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