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How Much Do Foster Parents Get Paid in Ohio?

Foster parents in Ohio receive a monthly stipend to help cover some childcare costs. Learn all about it in our latest blog post!

Unfortunately, there are over 15,000 children in care in the state of Ohio. Because of this, Ohio is always in need of loving foster parents looking to make a difference in a child’s life. 

If you aren’t already a foster parent, becoming a foster parent in Ohio is an important step towards providing the kind of safe and loving home children in care so desperately need.

However, every parent raising a child will run into expenses: food, clothes, and activities are all examples. To help with these costs, foster parents in Ohio receive some money from the state, which is known as a “stipend.”

Here’s the thing: it’s important to know that this is to support the child's needs. It is not a financial incentive to foster.

Because of this, foster parents should have a stable income of their own — this is one of the essential requirements for anyone looking to become a foster parent in Ohio.

Having said that, let’s dive into how Ohio’s foster care stipend works, and what you need to know about how it is both the same and different from other states.

Stipend Rates in Ohio

There are a few different things that affect the amount that parents receive in Ohio:

  • The age of a child in care
  • Their specific needs
  • The organization you partner with

Ohio provides their stipend based on a daily “per diem” payout — and as we mentioned, it varies based on your partner organization.

For example, Mentor Foster Care, part of the Sevita family, provides foster parents in their therapeutic foster care program with anywhere from $20 to $40 per day. This stipend is designed to help kids in care who are living with trauma and may have unique needs.

Ohio is unique in this way: Many other states have set foster care payment rates that are determined largely by the age of the child in care.

Other Financial Support Options For Foster Parents in Ohio

Additional financial support for foster parents in Ohio is available and often depends on the organization you partner with in the state. 

For example, Mentor Foster Care will provide foster parents with certain essentials required by the state of Ohio to ensure a safe foster home:

  • Fire extinguishers
  • Lock boxes
  • CO detectors
  • First aid kits

Your best option is to contact an organization in your state (like Mentor Foster Care) to outline the support options available to you!

Working with an organization like Mentor Foster Care makes it much easier for someone interested in fostering a child to get started while providing clear information on available support options like Medicaid.

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Looking for more information about foster care in Ohio? If so, our upcoming webinar can give you the answers. 

By attending a Foster Parent Information Session Webinar and learning more about the fostering process, you can take the first step toward becoming a foster parent and providing a safe, loving, and supportive home for a child in need. 

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