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The Joys of Fostering: Hear From Nikki Shenefiel of Sevita

The best way to learn about fostering is to hear from the parents themselves. Nikki Shenefiel shares her fostering story in our latest foster care blog.


Nikki Shenefiel, Recruitment Center Manager, is a former foster parent. She has nothing but amazing things to say about the overall experience. 

Our Foster Parent Information Session Webinar is coming up soon — if you’re thinking about becoming a foster parent, hearing from those with experience is the best place to start.

Why Nikki Became a Foster Parent

Here’s what Nikki had to say about the joys of fostering:

The most rewarding benefit to fostering is the difference you will make in a child’s life and your community. 

As a former foster parent myself, I cannot begin to describe how fostering may be one of the greatest things I will do in my life. Even six years later, not a day goes by that I do not think of the child that was placed in my home. His picture sits above my desk and inspires the work that I can do here every day with prospective foster parents like you. 

I can only hope that I had as much of an impact on his life as he had on mine!

One of my favorite sayings is: "If not you, then who? If not now, then when?" To me, this applies to becoming a foster parent. There are so many children in our communities who need you because you have so much you can give to them in their greatest time of need. 

You are an advocate, teacher, friend, and family — everything a child needs to know they are safe, valued, and loved. 

Mentor Foster Care, a part of Sevita's companies, will also be with you every step of the way. From this first introduction webinar, to the application and licensing process, all the way to a child placed in your home, Mentor Foster Care will provide you with the support and tools you need to help children thrive wherever their journey takes them.

If the thought of becoming a foster parent has ever crossed your mind, we encourage you to attend one of our upcoming free Foster Parent Information Session Webinars. 

Whether you are ready to get started today or just seeking information at this time, our Foster Parent Information Session will provide an overview of fostering, provide more information about the population and needs of the children we serve, and review the basic requirements of being a foster parent.

What Does a Foster Parent Information Session Webinar Include?

The hour-long webinar allows potential foster parents to get acquainted with many different foster care topics.

Some of these include:

  • The process of becoming a foster parent
  • Foster parent requirements
  • Support for foster parents
  • And more

After you attend, a recruitment specialist will follow up with you within a couple days to answer any questions and help you move through the process if you’re interested!

Get Started Making a Difference in a Child’s Life

Ready to get started?

Discover the joys of fostering and learn all about the process of becoming a foster parent in our upcoming Foster Parent Information Session Webinar!

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