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The Importance of National Foster Care Month

May is National Foster Care Month — if you’re not sure what it means, we can help. Here’s why National Foster Care Month is important.

Foster care provides children with much-needed love, care, and support to thrive in life. 

However, what you might not know is that May is National Foster Care Month — a month where we celebrate foster parents, build awareness for foster care, and highlight various foster care resources that are helpful for parents.

What is National Foster Care Month?

National Foster Care Month is an annual event in the United States that takes place every May. The purpose of this month is to raise awareness of the needs of children in foster care and to celebrate the efforts of foster parents, social workers, and other professionals who work hard to support these children and their families. 

During National Foster Care Month, events and activities are held to encourage the public to become involved in supporting foster children and to recognize the important role that foster families play in giving a safe and nurturing environment to these children.

Why is National Foster Care Month Important?

Raising Awareness

With over 460,000 children in need throughout the US (and the world), raising awareness for foster care services is important. 

After all, foster parents are the true heroes that provide love and care to children in need!

Raising awareness during National Foster Care Month helps to shine a light on the hardships that foster children and their families face. It helps to dispel myths about foster care services, such as the belief that only troubled or difficult children end up in foster care. It also helps to teach people about the need for foster parents and the crucial role that they play in caring for foster children of all ages.

Raising awareness can also encourage more people to get involved and support foster children and their families. This can include volunteering at a local foster care agency, donating resources to a foster family, or even becoming a foster parent themselves.

Focusing on Kids of All Ages

When we think of foster care services, we often picture young children or babies in need of a loving home. 

However, it is important to remember that children of all ages can find themselves in the foster care system. They need the same love and care, too!

The needs of younger children and older teens may be very different—for some older kids, switching from foster home to foster home may have been their situation for years, and all they want is a stable home with support and love. National Foster Care Month helps highlight these differences and brings them to light while dispelling many age-related myths about foster care. 

Celebrating Foster Parents

Knowing that many children who have gone through trauma have a safe space filled with love is truly incredible — and it’s all thanks to foster parents. 

National Foster Care Month brings attention to foster parents who are making a huge impact and difference in the lives of children in need. They’re providing the love and care for children in foster care to thrive and lead fulfilling lives. 

Bringing Foster Care Resources to Light 

Becoming a foster parent is a fulfilling and meaningful experience — however, it’s not always easy. Foster parents need all the support they can get to give the best possible care to children in need.

During National Foster Care Month, different websites will have sections that include a wide range of support systems available to new and current foster parents. For example, you can find several resources available on the National Foster Care Month section of the Child Welfare website, including resources to support youth mental health, info for parents, kinship care, and more. 

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Mentor Foster Care, a part of Sevita’s companies, provides support for foster children and parents throughout the US. We believe that every child deserves a bright future, and we’re here to help parents create a nurturing place for foster children to grow and lead fulfilling lives.

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