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14 Summer Activities for Foster Families in Savannah

There are many memorable experiences for foster families to enjoy this summer. Here are 14 of our favorite activities in Savannah, Georgia.

Is your family ready for a summer filled with fun activities?

We understand that it can be difficult to come up with things to do for foster families that all members will enjoy. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of summer activities that are perfect for foster families living in Savannah, Georgia, who are looking to keep children in care engaged and active and build fun memories. 

Let’s dive into a summer filled with excitement! 

Out of this World Camp

Prepare for a journey of discovery at Out of this World Camp, where arts and sciences merge to ignite the imaginations of young explorers! 

Set in various inspiring locations across Savannah, these camps offer a blend of artistic creativity and scientific inquiry. This makes them the perfect summer adventure for children in care to express themselves and learn in an encouraging setting. 

Each session features an accessible price for both residents and non-residents. It also promises a lineup of engaging activities that are fun while providing a supportive platform for personal growth and collaboration.

These camps will run from June 10th until June 21st. 

Savannah Bananas Baseball Games

Experience the thrill of America's favorite pastime with a twist at Savannah Bananas games! 

At Grayson Stadium, baseball is only part of the fun. Expect a good time with nonstop entertainment, from dancing players to zany on-field contests. This lively atmosphere makes it an excellent venue for foster families to bond, share laughter, and enjoy a community event where the unexpected is the norm. 

The games offer a wonderful opportunity for children in care to experience the camaraderie and festive spirit of a sports event while making lasting memories with their families.

4th of July Fireworks at Tybee Island Pier

Illuminate your 4th of July celebration with a breathtaking fireworks display at Tybee Island Pier! 

This annual event draws families from all over to experience the magic of Independence Day against the backdrop of Tybee's scenic coastline. Foster families can spread out on the beach with picnic blankets, indulge in local treats, and watch the sky light up with vibrant colors. 

It’s a perfect setting to celebrate freedom and enhance unity, providing children and adults alike with a sense of wonder and community spirit.

Ships of the Sea Maritime Museum

Step back in time at the Ships of the Sea Maritime Museum, where maritime history comes alive through an impressive collection of ship models, paintings, and nautical artifacts. 

Located in the William Scarbrough House, the museum offers a fascinating glimpse into the rich maritime heritage of Savannah. With interactive exhibits and educational programs designed for all ages, it’s an enriching experience for foster families looking to explore history in a hands-on manner. 

The museum’s gardens also provide a peaceful retreat to reflect and roam for those seeking a relaxing atmosphere.

Tybee Island Marine Science Center

Children in care can dive into the wonders of marine life and unlock the ocean’s mysteries at the Tybee Island Marine Science Center

Perfect for curious minds, the center offers beach walks, educational talks, interactive exhibits, hands-on activities, and the opportunity to come face-to-face with local marine species. This educational outing encourages environmental stewardship and offers children in care a meaningful connection with nature as well as a sense of responsibility and wonder.

Old Town Trolley Tours of Savannah

Looking for charm and history in Savannah? Try an Old Town Trolley Tour!

This hop-on, hop-off tour allows you to explore the city’s iconic landmarks at your own pace. With knowledgeable guides and engaging narratives, foster families can learn about the rich history and ghostly legends of Savannah’s storied streets. 

It’s a fantastic way to experience the city’s architectural beauty and historical significance while sharing educational and enjoyable moments together.

Savannah Harbor Cruises

Set sail on a memorable journey with Savannah Harbor Cruises

Glide along the Savannah River and enjoy breathtaking views of the historic waterfront. These cruises offer a unique perspective of the city’s landmarks, accompanied by historical narration that brings the past to life. 

For foster families, it’s a peaceful escape that combines scenic beauty with educational value, perfect for creating a bonding experience that children and adults will cherish.

Savannah Jazz Festival

Swing to the rhythms of jazz at the Savannah Jazz Festival, an event that celebrates the musical heritage of Savannah with performances by talented local and national jazz artists. 

Held in the historic Forsyth Park, this festival invites foster families to enjoy free concerts under the stars, providing a lively and culturally enriching atmosphere. It’s an ideal event for introducing children in care to the joys of music and vibrant local culture.

Forsyth Farmers Market

Embrace the local food movement at the Forsyth Farmers Market, a hub of community life where foster families can explore a bounty of fresh, local produce and artisanal goods. 

This weekly event is more than just a market; it's a lively place for families to learn about seasonal produce, meet local farmers, and participate in community-building activities. This is a wonderful opportunity to teach children in care about healthy eating and the importance of supporting local communities.

Georgia State Railroad Museum

All aboard for a trip through time at the Georgia State Railroad Museum

Located in the historic Central of Georgia Railway Savannah Shops and Terminal Facilities, this museum offers a rare glimpse into America's rail history with the chance to explore restored railcars, participate in guided tours, and even ride on a working steam locomotive. 

It’s an interactive experience that foster families will find both educational and exciting, providing a hands-on approach to learning that can captivate children of all ages.

Savannah Botanical Gardens

Wander through the serene paths of the Savannah Botanical Gardens, where beauty blooms in every corner. 

This peaceful sanctuary offers a variety of themed gardens, as well as a two-acre pond and a children's garden that encourages playful learning about plants and wildlife. 

For foster families, it's a perfect place to connect with nature and each other, offering a calm environment to relax, learn, and enjoy the therapeutic benefits of gardening and outdoor exploration.

Wormsloe Historic Site

Step into a page of history at the Wormsloe Historic Site, famous for its breathtaking avenue lined with live oaks and Spanish moss. 

This site offers more than just scenic beauty; it provides a tangible connection to Georgia's colonial past with museum exhibits, interactive demonstrations, and historical interpreters who bring the rich history of the area to life. 

This is an engaging experience for foster families, offering educational programming in a stunning, natural setting that can inspire a deeper appreciation for history and heritage.

Forsyth Park

Embrace the heart of Savannah at Forsyth Park, the city's largest and most iconic green space. 

This park is a community hub, equipped with walking paths, playgrounds, tennis courts, and the famous Forsyth Fountain. It's an ideal spot for foster families to enjoy a day of play, relaxation, and community engagement. 

The park's open spaces and welcoming atmosphere make it a perfect setting for children in care to enjoy free play and for families to participate in community events and seasonal celebrations.

Tybee Island Beaches

Sun, sand, and surf await at Tybee Island!

From the historic lighthouse at North Beach to the bustling pier at South Beach, Tybee Island offers a variety of experiences for every interest and age group. Foster families can enjoy a day of beachcombing, swimming, and sunbathing, or engage in more active pursuits like fishing and water sports. 

The island's friendly and relaxed atmosphere makes it a great getaway for families looking to unwind and create lasting summer memories together.

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